Help & Support

  1. If your customers' chosen Solicitor is not on your recommended lenders' panel this may lead to a rejection of your mortgage application and a delay in the process and possibly more costs, especially if the lender also chooses a Solicitor to act on their behalf
  2. You can earn money recommending a Solicitor to your client - 1 case a week with a referral fee of £150 will earn you £7,800 a year
  3. You can save your client money as our prices are more competitive as we buy conveyancing in bulk
  4. You can also save your customer additional costs as all quotes are on a fixed price, on a no completion, no fee basis
  5. Your chosen Solicitor will communicate with you, as well as your customer
  6. You and your customer have access to online case progress reports
  7. Your broker fee will be paid directly into your bank account
  8. Your customer will welcome your recommendation, as most don't know where to go for a conveyancing quote
  9. You can recommend a Solicitor with confidence using the customer satisfaction ratings
  10. It is very quick and easy – just 5 minutes and you could earn yourself up to £400!
  1. If your customers' chosen Solicitor is not on your recommended Lenders' panel this may lead to a rejection of the mortgage application and a delay in the process and possibly more costs, especially if the Lender also chooses a Solicitor to act on their behalf
  2. Your customers' chosen Solicitor may not be as willing to provide you with updates or return your calls and may only deal with the client direct
  3. Their Solicitor may charge more than if your customer was to come via ConveyancingBrain even if you earn a referral fee – this is because we buy conveyancing in bulk
  4. Their Solicitor may not be geared up for conveyancing or not have capacity (there is a shortage of conveyancing staff currently) slowing down the entire process
  5. Their Solicitor may not have the required money laundering procedures in place
  1. Do they work on a fixed price basis?
  2. Do they work on a "no completion, no fee" basis?
  3. Are they accepted by your chosen mortgage Lender?
  4. Are there any Lender panels they aren't on (should you switch mortgage Lender)?
  5. Who will be assigned to look after their case? What hours / days do they work?
  6. Do they specialise in conveyancing?
  7. Will they speak to you, their mortgage broker, to help smooth the process?
  8. Do they carry out customer satisfaction surveys? What are the results to prove a good standard of service?
  9. How long do they believe the case will take?
  10. Is there a facility to access case reports easily?

What you can be sure of:

  • A safe and trusted process
  • Process managed to TCF guidelines
  • Efficient account management
  • Swift commission payments
  • Earn up to £400 per case
  • Flexibility to alter referral fees case by case
  • Broker fees are paid directly to you
  • Case is progressed with you through telephone, email and post
  • Support on the phone and online to help you with any queries or questions

Our System:

  • Easy to use and to find your way around
  • Simple registration
  • You only need to log in once and you remain logged in
  • Instant conveyancing quotes
  • Online case progress reports
  • Ability to choose your own law firm
  • Accessible from MortgageBrain Anywhere and The Key
  • Free ConveyancingBrain website plugin to attract new customers


  • All Solicitors have Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) accreditations
  • Consistent service from panel through tight panel management
  • Auditing requires Solicitors to be on every Lender panel
  • Customer focused processes
  • Fixed price
  • No completion, no fee
  • Good choice of Solicitors
  • Customer satisfaction results shown by Solicitors
  • A conveyancer will look after the transaction from start to finish
  • 9 out of 10 customers recommend the system

Commission and Costs

  • 10 cases a month, a referral fee of £150 will earn you £18,000 a year
  • You can discount or increase your referral fee depending on the case
  • Your referral fee is paid straight into your bank account
  • Your customer receives a guaranteed fixed price
  • If the case falls through for any reason, your customer isn't charged anything other than disbursements paid out on their behalf e.g. searches

Our Service

  • You and your customer can track progress on the system
  • You and your customer can communicate directly with your Solicitor
  • Choose Solicitors according to price, geography and customer satisfaction levels
  • When your customer has confirmed they wish to proceed, we will notify you and the case will automatically be added to your account
  • Your customers' case will not be passed around - they have their own conveyancer who will always know what is happening with their particular property case
  • Peace of mind that other customers have recently rated the Solicitor's service

Our Solicitors

  • Adhere to Treating Customers Fairly in line with our own service levels
  • Are focused on providing conveyancing, not other areas of law i.e. they are not "dabblers"
  • Are accepted by all Lenders so the mortgage application won't be rejected on those grounds
  • You and your customer can choose a Solicitor according to geography, price, customer satisfaction results
  • So that service levels are not affected, we limit the number of cases being handled by each Solicitor
  • You can trust the Solicitor you are sending your case to as there is transparency on customer satisfaction scores
  • All of our Solicitors communicate via email or telephone according to your customers' requirements
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