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The Clever Way to Earn from Conveyancing using Solicitors you can trust

Slick, smart & sensible - use our system to earn commission without using too many 'little grey cells'
We are delighted to offer you ConveyancingBrain, Mortgage Brain's very own conveyancing offering solely for mortgage brokers.
The conveyancing market has changed dramatically over the last few years. Lenders have been restricting their conveyancer panels for anti-fraud purposes (in some cases as few as 3 firms per panel). Similarly as in the survey and valuation market, there is a shortage of qualified staff resulting in reduced service levels and longer transaction times.
So our customers were asking for a reliable conveyancing alternative under the Mortgage Brain banner for a long while and hence ConveyancingBrain was launched, and we haven't looked back.
As with everything Mortgage Brain, we pride ourselves on supporting the Adviser community with a quality scheme supported by proactive and personal support. We look forward to working with you.
ConveyancingBrain’s aim is to provide a quality service and system for you to recommend to your customers and clients, whilst providing you a potential revenue stream.
The portal enables you recommend to your customers a reliable Solicitor who your recommended Lender accepts, safe in the knowledge, that not only do you have the support and help from ConveyancingBrain staff but you are offering a solution that is good value for money and is service orientated.
ConveyancingBrain in a nutshell:-
  • Earn up to £400 per case
  • Our Solicitors are tailored to lender panels
  • Choose a Solicitor based on geography, price, customer satisfaction results or all three
  • Both you and your customer can directly communicate with the Solicitor through the case tracking tool – your customer can use it too!
The shorter the transaction time, it is proved, the more likely a property purchase, and therefore the mortgage application is likely to go through to completion.
Solicitors are the hub of the transaction, and can make the purchase go quickly and efficiently or frustratingly slowly however with the Case Tracking system in ConveyancingBrain enables both you and your customers to communicate and audit the activity of the Solicitor and if need be ensure that things are moving forward at pace.
Also if your customer chooses a Solicitor not on a lender panel, delays will occur at the outset, and potentially your customer can be charged more if the Lender then appoints their own Solicitor to act on their behalf. So by taking your recommendation your customers transaction should not only be quicker but potentially cheaper.
We're also sure that they will struggle to find a cheaper conveyancer quote!
New Ruth Moores at Pudsey Legal has been most helpful and has picked up issues with a lease extension, for my client and sent this back to sellers solicitors for amendments to be made. Both our mutual client and myself are very happy with the ConveyancingBrain portal along with the support received from ConveyancingBrain staff, which has provided a great way of communicating and providing solutions quickly and easily for all concerned. Very happy with my first referral experience and I will continue to send my clients your way. Madhu R F Katwala, Mission Mortgages Ltd
ConveyancingBrain is amazing. I wish someone had invented something so easy to use a long time ago.
I used to refer all of my conveyancing to local solicitors, but as ConveyancingBrain is so straightforward to use I was happy to give it ago myself. All the solicitors I have contacted so far have been really friendly and helped with all my enquires promptly. Fantastic service. I have made an extra £900 this year already, for doing hardly any work."
Ian McPherson, Avalon Options
"The team at ConveyancingBrain were very helpful and professional on the phone to talk through the different aspects of the quotation. Registration was easy and offered more competitive quotes to other source engines." Rachel Birtwell, RMB Financial Consultants.
"Conveyancing Brain is a great additional tool for our business. They prices are very competitive from a large range of companies. The solicitor reviews allow you to be confident when referring your clients over. I am really glad I signed up." Tony Duckworth, SP Financial Management
"Very easy to use, fast email response, polite and helpful staff members, good option of quotes to choose from, reasonably priced, highly recommended." Matthew Castle, Castle Financial and Mortgage Services
"I have found the service very simple to use & it is a great way to add further value to my clients." Lee Kirven, Enhance
"Simply system which gives clients plenty of choice." Catherine Finch, Hanson Financial Partners
"By far the easiest and most cost effective way of providing clients with a quality solicitor at a competitive price." Lisa Ray, Holbrook Property Finance
"Very user friendly. There is a good selection of solicitors to select from thus giving the client choice, The information offered is very helpful to allow you to select the most appropriate Conveyancer. From start to finish only took about 5 Mins. The response from the selected solicitor was very quick. This is an excellent platform for the Intermediary." Paul Williams, Commodore Finance Ltd
"The system was very easy to use & very fast response from conveyancer! I definitely will be looking to use the service with every client, I am really impressed with the updates I keep receiving." Gemma Bricknell, True Potential Wealth Management LLP.
"ConveyancingBrain has really helped me jump start my conveyancing referrals. I have used other companies in the past but having sat on a round table event I felt I could increase my referrals with the easy to use, simple system. I haven't been disappointed. I hope to send many more referrals your way!" Lisa Dearnley, Financial Profiles Ltd
"ConveyancingBrain allowed us to instruct a Solicitor within minutes without the client having to go out of the door. This then enabled our client to proceed quicker than other people who were after a viewing of the property and we got an offer accepted. Process was very simple and a quote and instruction can be done within 5 minutes. I liked that we could see ratings of Solicitors and my client looked at that as well. Clients also liked that they could logon to the online portal as their normal Solicitor would not have that and as they are busy travelling it was ideal. I also spoke to the Solicitors and they were excellent. Communication was excellent by emails and I found the whole experience pleasant." Abad Khan, Right Financial Planning Ltd
"Great...easy to use and competitive, will be returning!" Matt Austin, Austin Financial Planning Ltd
"Although I am new to ConveyancingBrain, I have used portal sites for conveyancing before. I must say I have found the website easy and clear to use and interact with and would recommend the services to other brokers in my field." Edward Booth, Dream Mortgage Solutions
"The service is competitive in price & allows more control regards managing mortgage business." James Hallam, J H Financial Ltd
"Easy to use and competitively priced." Andrew Hennessy, Ingard Financial Ltd
"A fabulous spread of firms across the country, with some very competitive costings. Very happy with the service ConveyancingBrain offer. Intro fees are paid unbelievably quickly. Highly recommended." Richard Powell, Millfield Wealth
"I compared the fees with SortRefer and was hugely surprised at the difference." Tandi Fellows, Delphic Financial Planning T/A Concept Financial Services
"Very easy to use, great system, just wish their were more Fife solicitors on" Wendy Cochran, Dalbeath Financial Planning
"Really simple to use, with excellent customer service!" Maria Baker, Claisse St Vincent
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